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Competency 4

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Competency 4

Competency 4 – Maintaining relationship with patients: maintaining trust; professional behaviour
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Objective – to ensure the appreciation of the professional position of the OH advisor, employer and employees

Key Message: Occupational health physicians provide independent advice aimed at supporting people a work

Area of competence Knowledge Skills Attitudes

Doctor-patient relationship

Understand the relationship between the occupational health doctor and the patient

Maintain an independent position

Be wary of judgemental and discriminatory behaviour
Be aware of personal preferences or prejudices

Wider relationships in health and employment Understand the different roles, of relevant parties and interaction between oh advisers, treating doctors, patients and their employers

Deal with employers in an appropriate way (see also communications, competency 3)

Be aware of potential difficulties in the relationship
Interaction with other health professionals

Understand the role of health professionals in relation to the employee/patient and employer
Know when and how to involve other professionals


Communicate effectively and appropriately
(see also communications, competency 3)
Develop and maintain respect for the roles of other professionals
Personal health and safety Understand the risk associated with medical practice, how to minimise risk and the need for early treatment when incidents occur Recognise situations where personal health and safety is at risk or may endanger the health and safety of others such as colleagues or patients Comply with health and safety legislation, undergo health surveillance when required to and notify relevant health conditions to employer/occupational health advisor
Powerpoint presentations:
The Effects of (Ill) Health on Work
Is your patient fit for work? Stakeholders and standards
HSE, Health and Safety Law and Appointed/Approved Doctors