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last updated:14/02/2020 @ 3:52 pm
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CPD Event Accreditation

Providers of relevant courses, lectures and seminars, conferences, and other educational and training activities (described here as ‘events’), are able to seek accreditation for these from the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM).

Organisations can apply by clicking here to fill in the application form. Applications may take up to four weeks to accredit, and must be accompanied by details of the content of the programme. The guidance below explains this in more depth.

  • There is a fee for CPD accreditation and the option to have the activity advertised by the FOM, as shown below.
  • Application fees are determined by the status of the provider. Non-commercial providers who are not-for-profit organisations will be charged a reduced fee. The FOM may ask for evidence of a provider’s not-for-profit status.
  • Organisations deriving no income for their event will not be charged.
  • Where events have sessions running concurrently, please contact the FOM as these are assessed on a case-by-case basis.
Commercial Provider
(Standard fee)
Non-commercial Provider (Reduced fee)
Event not deriving a revenue stream N/A No charge
Event accreditation £320 +VAT £110 + VAT
Event accreditation and website listing £735 +VAT £425 +VAT
Event accreditation and newsletter advert £735 +VAT £425 +VAT
Event Accreditation, website listing, and newsletter advert £935 +VAT £620 +VAT

Guidance for the accreditation of FOM CPD events

FOM will accredit external CPD events which meet suitable standards of quality and which are directly relevant to professional practice. The content of the programme will be assessed to confirm this and to determine the number of CPD points to be awarded.

CPD accredited activities should belong to the External CPD category, which are events typically hosted outside the practitioner’s organisation or place of work. Examples of activities eligible for FOM CPD accreditation are: specialty society meetings, national and international OH related courses and meetings, local postgraduate meetings, clinical skills updates, personal development courses and meetings, management and leadership courses and meetings, educational visits, relevant online learning courses, lectures and knowledge improvement updates.

CPD points will correspond to the duration of the educational activity, with one hour of educational activity equalling one CPD point. The event accreditation is only valid for the activity as it was described on the application form and attached programme. Any amendment to the content, particularly the agenda, programme or duration, will require the activity to be re-accredited by FOM.

Please ensure that the following areas are addressed in the programme content/structure:

  • The topics covered and the delivery method should be listed together with any materials/products/technologies to be used;
  • The event should have a clearly articulated scientific or educational purpose;
  • Educational content should aim to be authoritative, accurate, based on balanced evidence and be free from unjustifiable claims or bias;
  • Clinical content must follow all appropriate patient consent and confidentiality policies and the principles outlined in the GMC’s Good Medical Practice guidelines.

Organisers need to issue evaluation forms to delegates. The FOM reserves the right to review these forms for up to 12 months after the event. Organisers are required to keep a list of attendees for 5 years after the event. The FOM may require clarification as to the relevance, educational value, and/or quality of the proposed event.

If you have any queries please email CPD@FOM.ac.uk.