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last updated:19/01/2022 @ 11:33 am
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CESR entry to the Specialist Register

What is Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR)?

The CESR route to specialist registration is aimed at doctors who have not completed a GMC approved training programme (or were otherwise unable to finalise specialist registration at the end of training) but who are able to show that they have undertaken similar training as would be the case in an approved post. They have to demonstrate that they meet the requirements, with regard to training, qualifications and experience, by submitting their evidence of this to the GMC.

Can I become a member of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine?

The outcome of a successful CESR application is entry onto the GMC Specialist Register for occupational medicine; this provides eligibility for application for FOM Membership (and the right to use the post-nominals ‘MFOM’) via the ad eundem route. View more information about FOM membership here.

What evidence do I need to provide in my application?

The application process is challenging and involves a significant time commitment. The submitted documentation needs to provide evidence of achievement of competencies as described in the GMC-approved Occupational Medicine Curriculum; it is expected to relate to the last five years of professional experience.

We recommend the GMC Specialty Specific Guidance as the most detailed document to guide you through the process. The FOM have also produced a documentation checklist for CESR applicants, summarising the requirements of an application pack.

Here is a roadmap for CESR applicants in Occupational Medicine:


What should I do next?

We want to provide helpful guidance and support to prospective CESR applicants in occupational medicine. In the first instance, please refer to the documentation provided for detailed information on the process. For further support, please contact us at training@fom.ac.uk

The FOM hold CESR Coaching Days annually. Please keep checking our website for details.

There is a now a structured system in place support those interested in pursuing the CESR route from the commencement of their career in OM.  Please click here for more information.

As a CESR applicant, you will be applying directly to the GMC – instructions can be found on their website.

Visit our Frequently Ask Questions page for further information.