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FOM Guidance – Mandatory Vaccination 2022

The Faculty has issued guidance on Mandatory Vaccination and Occupational Health.

It is now national policy in England that those working in health and social care, who have contact with patients, should be vaccinated. The aim of the guidance is to provide background information which may assist Occupational Health practitioners. The devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales do not currently have plans to make vaccination mandatory for workers in health and social care; a consultation is planned in Northern Ireland.

The Faculty believes that Occupational Health practitioners should avoid involvement in medical exemption and management and employment matters, including redeployment or suspension or dismissal of staff who refuse vaccination. They should also not be involved in giving information to employers about the vaccine status of individual employees without their consent.

Library Document:

FOM-Guidance_Mandatory-Vaccination-2022.pdf.pdf (380.56 KB)

Published: 14/01/2022