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Competencies and teaching materials in occupational health/health and work


The Faculty of Occupational Medicine is seeking both:

  • to encourage medical undergraduates to consider occupational medicine as a career
  • and also to extend awareness of health and work issues to general practice and all medical specialties.

As part of this latter aim, the Faculty is supporting this project to provide a competency framework and easily accessible and flexible teaching resources in occupational health to medical schools. The purpose of this is to ensure that all medical graduates, whichever specialty they pursue, carry forward into their career a general awareness of the health and work issues which will undoubtedly affect a significant proportion of their patients.

Undergraduates who would like to consider becoming specialists in occupational medicine can find further information in the Education section of this site.

The information and material in these pages is directed both to those who teach medical undergraduates and also to undergraduates themselves. It is hoped that by bringing such a mass of material into one place, this website will encourage and support the teaching of health and work issues in medical schools.

We would like as many people to access and use these materials as possible. We request that usage is acknowledged along the lines of: “This material is taken from ‘Resources for Medical Schools and Students'(see, funded by the UK Department for Work and Pensions and hosted by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine”. Please also acknowledge individual authors if using the Powerpoints or any other donated materials.

Other resources

More resources can be found at Networm, an EU funded project on occupational health in undergraduate medical education.