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last updated:08/07/2019 @ 11:08 am
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Subscriptions and fees

Those subscribing to FOM pay an annual subscription according to their location and category of membership.

Please note: The fees shown below are effective from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020. 

Members are now able to pay their subscription by secure card payment or arrange to pay for their annual subscription fees by online direct debit through the members’ area of the website.

Subscriptions (UK & DMS)
Fellows (FFOM) £630
Membership (MFOM) £540
Associates (AFOM) £390
Life Membership* £1500
Trainees £340
Affiliating diplomates £125
Concessionary** £90
Revalidating subscriber £135
Non FOM qualified Specialists £125
Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) Journal £90
Subscriptions (EU & Overseas)
Fellows (FFOMs) £270
Members (MFOMs) £220
Associates (AFOMs) £125
Life Membership* £750
Part 1 MFOM examination £520
Part 2 MFOM examination £1,210
MFOM dissertation assessment £595
DOccMed MCQ examination £520
DOccMed portfolio examination £520
DOccMed certificate fee £280
DAvMed examination £910
DAvMed certificate fee £280
HAVS certificate fee £105
Registration and admission fees
StR registration £230
FFOM admission £595
MFOM admission £380
AFOM admission £330
Ad eundem application £320
M1 (c) £2740
FOM RO Service £320 +VAT
Company arrangement £1740 +VAT
Visit from revalidation support team £1260 +VAT
Non SOM appraisal £570 +VAT
Course centre approval
New course centre approval £1055 +VAT
Course centre re-approval audit*** £340 +VAT
CPD course approval and advertising
CPD course approval £320 +VAT
CPD course approval & website listing £735 +VAT
CPD course approval & newsletter feature £735 +VAT
CPD course approval, website listing & newsletter feature £935 +VAT
Appeals fee for examinations and dissertations
Recalculation £105
Stage 2 – review £510
Stage 3 – appeal £1020
Other fees
Membership re-joining £45
Reissue of certificate £35


*Life membership is for those earning up to £12,000 per annum from medical practice and who have served at least 20 years of continuous service to FOM by date of membership renewal.

**Concessionary membership for those earning up to £12,000 per annum from medical practice

*** Course centre approval every 3 years