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What Occupational Physicians say

In the profiles listed below, a number of occupational physicians say how it is for them and why they find occupational medicine a fulfilling career:

Dr Olivia Carlton, Chief Medical Adviser, Transport for London
‘My job includes influencing the development of company policies which have a health impact.’


Dr Simon Clift, Medical Officer, National Air Traffic Service (NATS)
‘My work is challenging and varied, requiring judgement and decision-making in settings unfamiliar to most doctors.’

Dr Philip McIlroy
, Consultant, major independent provider of occupational health services
‘Having made the move from general practice to occupational medicine I completed my specialist training in a training post in industry with a large engineering company in the Midlands.’

Dr Naomi Brecker
, Specialist Registrar in Occupational Medicine
‘My hours are family-friendly, with no on-call or weekend work, and this fits well with being a working mum.’
Dr Brecker is now a Consultant in Occupational Medicine and moved into a post as Clinical Director at Barts and the London NHS Trust.

Dr Ioana Kennedy
, Consultant Occupational Physician, NHS
‘I had my first contact with occupational medicine as a medical student in the 1980s, during my last year of medical training in Cluj Napoca, Romania.’

Dr Imran Ghafur
, Lead Consultant Occupational Physician at Salus Occupational Health & Safety, NHS Lanarkshire
‘My career allows me to retain and use my clinical and communication skills, whilst developing new competences in areas such as management, toxicology, health and safety legislation, and employment law/ethics.’

Professor David Coggon
, Professor of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, University of Southampton
‘My work has taken me to most parts of the world – to meet with research collaborators, participate in scientific conferences and workshops, and teach on courses.’

Dr Richard Caddis
, Occupational Physician, British Airways Health Services
‘Working for a variety of blue chip clients and in different industries was not only invaluable experience for training, but is one of the most enjoyable and unique aspects of the specialty of occupational medicine.’

Dr Clare Piper
, Specialty Registrar
‘Life as a trainee in occupational health is very varied, and depends in part on the organisation that you work for – for example, in industry or in the NHS.’

Dr Piper is now a Consultant in Occupational Medicine.

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To be put in touch with an experienced occupational physician to talk over occupational medicine as a career e-mail: fom@fom.ac.uk