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SOM appraisal scheme

The Society of Occupational Medicine
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Medical Appraisal Guide

Compiled by the RST, the MAG describes how medical appraisal can be carried out effectively.

It is the supporting information which will provide the basis for discussion at your annual appraisal. It is therefore important that you gradually build up your supporting information for appraisal throughout the year. It is essential that you ensure that all patient and colleague identifiable details are carefully removed during the preparation of the portfolio. This is to ensure that you comply with confidentiality requirements.

For revalidation, the GMC has outlined that medical appraisals must be based on Good Medical Practice. In addition, the NHS Revalidation support team (RST) stipulates (through their Organisational Readiness Self Assessment Toolkit – ORSA) that appraisers must be appropriately trained and the schemes should be quality assured. The Medical Appraisal Guide (MAG), compiled by the RST describes how medical appraisal can be carried out effectively; it aims to help doctors understand what they need to do to prepare for and participate in appraisal and it is a useful document to read.

With the introduction of revalidation, it is intended that the formative theme of appraisal is retained, but additional judgements will be made about information on performance and also whether your appraiser considers that you are satisfactorily progressing towards revalidation.

For your strengthened medical appraisal for revalidation, you will be required to describe the full scope and nature of the work that you carry out as a doctor. This is to ensure that the appraiser and RO understand the total extent of your work. This should include all roles for which you require a licence to practise, even if this is voluntary work if this work is medically related.

Annual appraisals must be performed by an approved appraiser in an approved appraisal system. We strongly recommend the independently quality assured scheme run by the Society of Occupational Medicine as this is known to meet the requirements of strengthened medical appraisal for revalidation and the appraisers work within Occupational Health. Where a doctor chooses to use a non-Society appraiser / appraisal scheme, pre-approval must be obtained and there is a fee to assess this.

Your strengthened medical appraisal for revalidation with the Society of Occupational Medicine

It is the RO’s responsibility to ensure that those doctors for whom they are responsible have access to an appraisal which meets the required standards for revalidation.

The Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM) has a well-established and independently quality approved appraisal scheme which fully meets the requirements for revalidation. All doctors relating to the Faculty RO will be expected to undergo their appraisal for revalidation with the SOM, unless there are exceptional circumstances which will be reviewed on a case by case basis. A fee will apply to cover the Faculty’s time required to review an alternative appraisal scheme.

Following the introduction of revalidation, you must undergo an appraisal annually. You should contact the SOM directly to organise your appraisal.