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COVID-19 update: Occupational Health (non NHS) Workload Prioritisation


Things change very fast in the current situation! The observant among you may have noticed that the information sheet on Occupational Health (non NHS) Workload Prioritisation posted in our newsletter only 10 days ago, has been missing from the FOM website. This was to take note of recent specific expert opinion and guidance on remote HAVS surveillance. The modified document, in which the priority accorded to HAVS assessments has been raised, links to current HSE advice and to advice from the HAVS experts Dr Roger Cook and Dr Ian Lawson.

Our colleague Linda Bell in Scotland and the wider group which she assembled have done sterling work on OH (non NHS) Workload Prioritisation and we would like to acknowledge this and thank them once more. As the situation changes there will no doubt be further alterations in official guidance but this document is a welcome starting point as we move to the next phase of the pandemic.

The Faculty is also extremely grateful to Dr Roger Cooke and Dr Ian Lawson for their guidance document titled: Remote assessment of hand arm vibration syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome which they have prepared for the Society of Occupational Medicine Hand Arm Vibration Special Interest Group (https://www.som.org.uk/som-special-interest-groups) and the Faculty.


Dr Anne de Bono
President, Faculty of Occupational Medicine


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