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last updated:10/08/2022 @ 9:26 am
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Overview & Transition Arrangements

The new FOM curriculum

The Faculty is thrilled to announce that the GMC has approved our new curriculum for training in occupational medicine. The key changes from the existing curriculum are:

  • The knowledge-based competencies have been replaced by eleven learning outcomes. Each learning outcome has a small number of professional capabilities which reflect a risk-based approach to training. The learning outcomes are mapped to the Generic Professional Capabilities as required by the GMC
  • The assessment for research methods has changed from most trainees submitting a research dissertation, to a portfolio of evidence as for all other learning outcomes. Research methods will be assessed the same way as all other learning outcomes via the Education Supervisor’s Structured Report. Examples of acceptable evidence, compiled with the help of current trainees, are outlined in the Curriculum Guidance document.
  • Widening of access to training in occupational medicine for doctors working in all specialties, promoting flexibility and transferability by recognising prior experience and learning.


OMST 2022 Curriculum Transition 

OMST 2022 Curriculum Flexibility