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MFOM Part 2 FAQs

December 2023 update – MFOM Part 2 Development


Will the SBA and OSCE examinations be piloted?

Yes, we will pilot a sample of SBA questions and a few OSCE stations in early 2024. We are asking doctors who have passed the MFOM Part 2 within the last 18 months to pilot the questions and OSCE stations.

The proposed OSCE stations of 10 minutes are too short and long cases should be retained.

This feedback is useful, and we will explore amending the proposed structure to take this feedback into consideration.

How will report writing skills be tested when the MEQ paper is removed?

Report writing is an essential skill for specialist occupational physicians. These skills will be tested by educational supervisors as part of workplace-based activities.

Can the FOM assure educational supervisors that the examination will not be of a lower standard to the current one?

Yes, the examination will be of the same standard and many of the question stems will be reused, but in the new format. However, both the SBA paper and the OSCE will include modern aspects of occupational health practice, including video/phone consultations, new and emerging hazards, and modern epidemiological methodology. The pass mark for both examination components will be set using the Angoff method with psychometric evaluation being routinely conducted after every sitting to ensure the process is consistent, robust and fair.

How has the weighting of the question topics been set?

This has been set to reflect the OMST 2022 Curriculum and the learning outcomes therein. A working group has decided on the weighting and division of questions to ensure the exam is representative of current OH practice. As part of this process we have also had input from the National School of Occupational Health.


Current MFOM Part 2 – FAQs


I have not attempted this exam previously; can I apply for just one or some components?

On a candidate’s first attempt at the MFOM Part 2 or AFOM, the MCQ, the MEQ, and the PH+OSPE must all be taken in the same diet.

If I am re-sitting, how do I apply for each individual component?

You should apply online for the examination that you wish to sit –MFOM Part 2 or AFOM.  Once you have completed your details, you will be asked to select which of the components you would like to take.  The corresponding fee will then be calculated.

How much does it cost to re-sit an individual component?

The MCQ re-sit fee is £310
The MEQ re-sit fee is £310
The PH and OSPE re-sit fee is £620

How long is my banked pass valid? 

Once the new MFOM Part 2 format has been approved by the GMC and implemented, any historically banked components (MCQ, MEQ, or PH + OSPE) will no longer be accepted, as a new examination format will become operational. We expect the new format will be implemented in September 2024.

What happens if, following the January / February 2024 diet, I have not passed all of the exam components?

You will be required to sit the new MFOM Part 2 examination.

If I have passed a component since October 2022, am I still able to take the remaining components in February 2024 to secure an overall pass?

Yes. The February 2024 diet will be the last opportunity to do so, prior to the implementation of the new examination format.

If you have any queries about the above, please contact