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Dissertation guide

Detailed guidance on dissertations written for purpose

Dissertation timetable

Indicative timetable for dissertations written for purpose

All trainees are required to undertake and complete a piece of primary or secondary research or substantial audit during their time in approved training, and to present their findings as a dissertation in the prescribed format.

The project does not have to be abstruse or ‘academic’ but it does require planning and preparation.  The dissertation assessors will be looking for evidence that a MFOM candidate is competent to take a project through from initial questions to completion, and can present evidence in a succinct, clear, and well-argued manner.  These are essential skills for specialist practice in Occupational Medicine. Trainees are encouraged to refer to the dissertation timetable developed by the Chief Examiner (Research Methods).

Trainees may also submit a MSc dissertation as ‘equivalent evidence’ (or, in some cases, other forms of ‘equivalent evidence’) and, for these, the timetable may be different.

Further details of dissertation requirements can be found in the regulations and guidance for the Membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine. 

If you have any questions about dissertations please contact the Examinations & Training Team.

Dissertation Submission forms and Fees

To submit your dissertation protocol or your final dissertation, please log in to the members’ area and click ‘Member Home’ – you will find links to submit your protocol and dissertation electronically.

Fees to be paid for the assessment of your dissertation can be found here.  Please note there is no fee applicable for the submission of a protocol.