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Dissertation resources

Dissertation Training Day 2012

The Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) hosted a Dissertation Training Day in April 2012. The day was aimed at trainees and was particularly helpful for trainees in their early stages of planning for their dissertation. The presentations from the day are available below.

Introduction to study design and analysis for the MFOM dissertation 2012 – Dr Katherine Venables

How to avoid plagiarism – Dr Harvey Marcovitch

Looking at project findings and presenting them clearly – Professor Paul Cullinan

Working up your ideas and integrating the project into your training programme – Dr Jon Poole


Principles of Assessment for Examining the MFOM Dissertation 2012

FOM hosted a one-day workshop aimed at FOM assessors, or those considering becoming assessors in the future, and educational supervisors. The presentations from the day are available below.

Introduction presentation – Dr Katherine Venables

MFOM Protocol Review – Dr Katherine Venables

How to approach the assessment of a completed dissertation – Professor Raymond Agius

Publishing MFOM Dissertations – Professor David Coggon

Detecting and preventing plagiarism – Dr Jude Carroll