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FOM’s Academic Dean announces new Curriculum approved by GMC

The Faculty is thrilled to announce that the GMC has approved our new curriculum for training in occupational medicine. The key changes from the existing curriculum are:

  • The knowledge-based competencies have been replaced by eleven learning outcomes. Each learning outcome has a small number of professional capabilities, which reflect a risk-based approach to training. The learning outcomes are mapped to the Generic Professional Capabilities, as required by the GMC
  • The assessment for research methods has changed from most trainees submitting a research dissertation to a portfolio of evidence, as for all other learning outcomes. Research methods will be assessed in the same way as all other learning outcomes via the Education Supervisor’s Structured Report. Examples of acceptable evidence, compiled with the help of current trainees, are outlined in the Curriculum Guidance document.
  • Access to training in occupational medicine has widened to include doctors working in all specialties, promoting flexibility and transferability by recognising prior experience and learning.

Transition period 
The revised curriculum will be implemented from August 2022 and details of the transition arrangements for trainees are laid out in the Curriculum Transition document.

CESR applicants will have a 24-month transition period from the implementation of the new curriculum to transfer, should they wish to do so. CESR applicants can apply to be assessed against either curriculum from the moment the new curriculum is approved and published until the transition period ends in August 2024. Candidates who enter specialty training with a pass in the Diploma in Occupation Medicine (DOccMed) achieved within the last five years are exempt from MFOM Part 1.

Over the coming months, FOM will provide training days for educational supervisors to support the implementation of the new curriculum.

Getting the new curriculum over the high bar set by the GMC has been no mean feat for a small faculty like ours. Even some of the larger colleges have struggled. In response to our submission, the GMC said: “Thank you for providing a clear submission, with details of a thorough consultation exercise and evidence of engaging with our standards in the development of the new curriculum”.

I would like to thank everyone involved in getting us over the line, in particular the members of the curriculum review task and finish group. But my main thanks must go to Louise Craig, our CEO, who worked tirelessly over several months to ensure that the new curriculum not only met the GMC requirements but provides the basis for excellent modern training in occupational medicine.

Personally, I am delighted that we have been able to break down some of the barriers to entry to our specialty and I hope that the flexibility in the entry routes afforded by the new curriculum will support the growth in the number of new trainees.

Professor Ira Madan
Academic Dean

Find out further details about the Curriculum.

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