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last updated:12/06/2023 @ 11:33 am
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FOM launches new evidence-based guidelines

The Faculty has launched new evidence-based guidelines that aim to assist healthcare professionals in the workplace.

They have been produced in an easy-to-read, concise format and the first two guidance documents concern the management of upper limb disorders in working-age people and supporting individuals back to work after Carpal Tunnel Release surgery.

These guidance documents have been accompanied by the production of a document summarising the occupational health principles for healthcare professionals.

Consultant physician Dr Nadia Sheikh has led on this work for the Faculty, supported by the FOM’s Academic Dean Professor Ira Madan. Dr Sheikh said: “We want to provide concise evidence-based guidance for healthcare professionals who are assisting patients with work-related concerns.

“We also hope the occupational health principles document will provide the underpinning principles of occupational medicine in a format that multi-disciplinary colleagues such as GPs will find useful.”

Dr Sheikh is extremely grateful to all those who have contributed to all the guidance documents and is keen to hear from those undertaking workplace research.

“The Faculty would like to collate and promote workplace evidence-based research, so please get in touch if you are working in this field,” said Dr Sheikh.

If you are working on research and want to discuss this with the Faculty, please contact fom@fom.ac.uk

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