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last updated:26/01/2017 @ 4:19 pm
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200th service awarded SEQOHS accreditation

Scheme to drive up standards in occupational health goes from strength to strength with 200th accreditation

The SEQOHS accreditation scheme is delighted to award its 200th accreditation to Glenn Raybone, a single-handed occupational health provider based in Dudley.

SEQOHS accreditation is awarded to occupational health and occupational health physiotherapy services that meet standards developed by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, which are aimed at improving and sustaining high quality care for workers. Accreditation is a prestigious achievement, and each service that applies submits to a rigorous peer review assessment process. 

SEQOHS accreditation provides independent and impartial recognition that the service provider has objectively demonstrated their competence, and since its official launch by Dame Carol Black in 2010 has rapidly become an integral part of the occupational health service landscape, accepted in both the public and private sectors as the recognised industry standard.

On awarding the service accreditation, Dr Robert Hardman, SEQOHS chair, said:

“SEQOHS has now accredited 200 occupational health services since its inception. As with the other 199 services accredited, the Glenn Raybone service has demonstrated the quality of delivery of occupational health. We look forward to working with the service as they demonstrate their ongoing commitment to the quality standards.”

Dame Carol Black also shared her enthusiasm at the news of the 200th SEQOHS accreditation:

“The SEQOHS accreditation scheme was set up, in the wake of my 2008 review of the health of Britain’s working age population, to ensure people can seek out occupational health services that are recognised as meeting high standards.

“A service that registers for accreditation makes a commitment to undertake an ongoing programme of quality improvement, assessment and maintenance, in line with the SEQOHS standards. These standards are not frozen and have been, in the light of experience and wide consultation, further developed and strengthened—importantly in my view—by the introduction of a new requirement to undertake an ongoing systematic audit of clinical practice.  

“I am delighted that two hundred organisations have now become accredited, and that more are on the way. These organisations see it as an important addition to the commitments they have already made to safeguard the health and wellbeing of employees, and more are in the process towards achieving the peer and public recognition that accreditation signifies.”

Dr Richard Heron, FOM president, added:

“SEQOHS accreditation benefits both service providers and the people who use them, by assessing and then highlighting those providers committed to offering a consistently high quality service. SEQOHS accreditation is a prestigious achievement that signifies excellence within the field, and by seeking out accredited providers people can be assured they are receiving the best possible service.”

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