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last updated:13/02/2023 @ 11:34 am
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Part 2 MFOM Examination

Specialty training in occupational medicine requires trainees, in approved training posts, to pass two examinations.  The second, Part 2 MFOM, is taken as an exit examination by trainees after completing the competencies of ST4 training.

This examination is also available to doctors who are not in approved training posts, as a route to Associateship of the Faculty, subject to meeting the specific eligibility criteria.

Examination Format
The Part 2 MFOM examination is comprised of the following four individual sections/papers:

  1. Written Multiple Choice Question Paper (MCQ)
  2. Written Modified Essay (Structured Short Answer) Paper (MEQ)
  3. Written Photographic/Occupational Hygiene Paper
  4. An Observed Structured Practical Examination (OSPE)

Candidates are required to pass all four of these individual sections, and must take all four of these sections at their first attempt. A pass in one or more section will be banked so that only the unsuccessful sections need be retaken. Banked sections cannot be retaken.

Please note that this examination format applies to all candidates, regardless of whether they are following the 2017 or 2022 curriculum.

Recommended reading list

Sample modified essay questions

Examination fees

2023 dates for the Part 2 MFOM are:

Monday, 12th June 2023(Written – MCQ and Photo Hygiene Papers) – online through our partners TestReach

Tuesday 13th June 2023 (Written – MEQ paper) – online through our partners TestReach

Please click here for the protocol document relating to FOM exams taken through TestReach.

Thursday 20th July 2023 (OSPE) – Sheffield

Registration for the summer 2023 exams will open at 9.00am on Monday March 27th 2023 and close at 5.00pm on Tuesday May 2nd 2023. There are limited spaces for these exams and therefore will booked on a first come first serve basis. Only complete applications will be booked successfully.

If you would like to enter into this examination, please log in to the members’ area and follow the ‘Exams’ link. Ensure the application is complete and apply early during the booking period. If places fill-up still apply online as we do our best to meet demand. A ‘waiting list’ allocates places in order of application. Please note that if an examination is not available on the list it means that applications are not open at this time.