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MFOM – Membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine

Full membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (MFOM) is conferred on doctors who have successfully completed specialty training.

Membership can also be achieved by an application based on training which is outwith approved specialty training, or through an application for Membership ad eundem.

It should be noted that:

  • Membership via specialty training makes doctors eligible for entry to the GMC specialist register (and so able to practise as an NHS consultant)
  • Membership gained outwith approved specialty training does not confer this eligibility
  • Membership ad eundem is for doctors who are already on the GMC specialist register.

Further information is available below.

Regulations for the award of Membership
Guidance on research dissertations written for purpose
Form M2 – Submission of title and protocol of dissertation written for purpose
Form M3 – Submission of actual thesis/dissertation/published work
Form M4 – CCT & Application for Membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine
Appeals – Rules and Procedures
Appeals rules summary

Many holders of the MFOM have given permission for abstracts of their dissertations to be made available on this site.