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Competencies and teaching materials in occupational health/health and work


The competency framework itself was developed by a working group comprising:
Dr Peter Verow (representative of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and senior lecturer at Birmingham University)
Dr David Snashall (Senior Lecturer at St Thomas’ and Guys Hospital and current President of the FOM)
Dr Mary Kinoulty (Senior lecturer at the University of Birmingham) and
Dr Nerys Williams (Senior lecturer at the universities of Birmingham and Warwick).
The group was supported with technical advice from medical educationalist Dr Ryan Prince (Warwick Medical School).

The resources supporting the framework were collated by Dr Debbie Cohen and Dr Sue Ensaff of the Unumprovident Centre for Psychosocial Research, Cardiff University with Dr Rhiannon Stiff providing guidance on accessibility.

We are also grateful for contributions of material from:

Professor Jeremy Owen (Birmingham University)
Dr Grant McMillan (Birmingham University)
Dr Paul Grime (Royal Free)
Dr David Goddard (Co-ordinator of the Occupational Medicine programme, Monash University, Australia)
and to Professor Raymond Agius for allowing links to the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health, University of Manchester website

We are also indebted to our medical student panel:
Imran Mannan (London)
Helen Grimso (Southampton)
Martin Lewis
Ruthanne MacQueen
for comments and constructive criticism.