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Aim and Objectives

Competencies and teaching materials in occupational health/health and work

Overall aim and objectives of the project


To develop a competency framework, the purpose of which, with its supporting resources and network of “champions”, is to provide medical students with sufficient knowledge and appropriate skills and attitudes in occupational health to allow them to function effectively as graduates, taking into account the impact of health on work, work on health and their role in sickness certification and in providing advice on fitness for work.


By the end of their undergraduate course students should be able to:

  • understand the relevance of work and the wider environment to health and disease (knowledge);
  • take an occupational history and proceed to relevant clinical examination where necessary (skills);
  • Describe the outline structure and process of occupational medical practice in the UK (knowledge);
  • Access further resources and help where needed (knowledge, skills);
  • Appreciate the different perspective required by the Occupational Health approach (attitudes).

We hope this will be achieved through use of the competency framework and its associated resources, both of which are free to access and download for use in teaching to medical undergraduates.