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COVID-19 update 08/04/2020



The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to bring in its wake issues which are beyond the immediate direct problems of the infection but are linked to measures taken to prevent transmission and to the lived  experiences of those working with the consequences of infection, particularly health and social care staff. The information below may be helpful for  members, particularly those working in or with NHS staff at this time.

  1. Hand and Face Care during COVID-19 pandemic

This brings to your attention information from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Trust produced by Dr Ira Madan, known for her research on occupational dermatitis in healthcare staff, and consultant dermatologist Dr Ian White.

There is no copyright and you may wish to use this pdf on information sites, posters or emails to staff in your organisations

  1. Health and wellbeing support programme for NHS Staff – launched 08 April 2020

Over the past fortnight there has been rapid development of a support programme for NHS staff. Two Occupational physicians, FOM’s President and the Chair of the NHS Health at Work Network were members of the expert reference group/task force which informed decision making on this by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Dr Anne de Bono
President, Faculty of Occupational Medicine

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