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Election Call: Proposals for Fellowship & Honorary Fellowship of the Faculty

Fellowship is the FOM’s way of recognising those who have made a particularly significant contribution to the practice of occupational medicine or to the work of the FOM. The FOM is keen to encourage applications from suitable candidates, and to acknowledge the excellent work that is undertaken by our members, usually on a voluntary basis. Please give careful consideration when applying for Fellowship or supporting applicants, who will be considered for this award, which will be made at the FOM’s Annual General Meeting in 2020.

Please see the (Information for candidates, proposers and seconders) and submission forms (Fellowship) for full details of requirements. It is important that those elected to Fellowship are appropriately exceptional.

Members considering Fellowship may apply with the support of two Fellows. Please note Members’ supporters must be CPD compliant and confirm revalidation status. Fellows are also encouraged to identify suitable candidates to be considered for the award of Fellowship. In this case the candidate must be informed in order to complete the appropriate sections of the form.

Election to Honorary Fellowship is the opportunity for the FOM to recognise those not associated with the FOM, or with medicine, but who have made an outstanding contribution to the practice of occupational medicine. The Honorary Fellowship nomination for candidates is a closed process and the nominee should not be informed. There is a separate form for this nomination (Honorary Fellowship).

Please ensure all nominations are received at the FOM by 12:00 midday on Monday 13th July 2020. Once the nominations have been decided and agreed by the Fellowship and Honours Committee and the FOM Board, the presentation of new Fellows and Honorary Fellows will take place at the FOM Annual General Meeting on 8th December 2020.

Please contact fom@fom.ac.uk should you require additional information.

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