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last updated:22/02/2019 @ 12:03 pm
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Complaints procedure

The Faculty aims to provide to all members and others who are in contact with the Faculty a service which is timely, efficient and courteous.   If there is any dissatisfaction with the quality or standard of service received, and a complaint is made, the Faculty undertakes to consider such complaints seriously and to respond promptly.

Informal complaints

Whenever possible complaints should be dealt with informally, directly with the person who is responsible for the service or transaction concerned. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, after making an informal complaint, then you can submit a formal complaint.

Formal complaints

When making a formal complaint, please do this in writing by email or post and state:

•    Your name
•    Your postal and email address
•    The nature of your complaint
•    What has/has not been done
•    Why you are not satisfied
•    How you would like the matter resolved

Formal complaints should be sent to the Chief Executive who will investigate the matter and respond as quickly as possible and normally within no more than four weeks. If the four week period is likely to be exceeded an interim response will be sent.


The Faculty undertakes to respond to complaints with care and courtesy.  Complainants are also expected to be courteous in their dealings with Faculty staff, officers and other personnel.