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Good Occupational Medical Practice 2017

To emphasise that occupational physicians share many obligations in common with other doctors, the original words and passages of Good Medical Practice (displayed in black), and selected abstracts from supplementary guidelines of the GMC (displayed in red), are retained and presented. Where appropriate, extra commentary, written specifically by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, then follows in a distinguishing (blue) typeface.
ForewordIntroductionDomain 1: Knowledge, skills and performanceDomain 2: Safety and qualityDomain 3: Communication, partnership and teamworkDomain 4: Maintaining trustAfterword


This review of Good Occupational Medical Practice was prepared by a Working Group of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine comprising:

Keith Palmer – Chair
John Hobson
Paul Nicholson
Jacques Tamin

Advice was also received from Steve Boorman on behalf of FOM’s Ethics Committee.

The General Medical Council has kindly agreed to sections of Good Medical Practice being reproduced in this document in their original wording.