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Good Occupational Medical Practice 2017

To emphasise that occupational physicians share many obligations in common with other doctors, the original words and passages of Good Medical Practice (displayed in black), and selected abstracts from supplementary guidelines of the GMC (displayed in red), are retained and presented. Where appropriate, extra commentary, written specifically by the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, then follows in a distinguishing (blue) typeface.
ForewordIntroductionDomain 1: Knowledge, skills and performanceDomain 2: Safety and qualityDomain 3: Communication, partnership and teamworkDomain 4: Maintaining trustAfterword

Treat patients and colleagues fairly and without discrimination Part 2

61. You must respond promptly, fully and honestly to complaints and apologise when appropriate. You must not allow a patient’s complaint to adversely affect the care or treatment you provide or arrange.

62. You should end a professional relationship with a patient only when the breakdown of trust between you and the patient means you cannot provide good clinical care to the patient.18.

It may become necessary to end a professional relationship with your patients if an employer decides to engage an alternative source of occupational health advice.  In this event, you should conduct transfer of services in a professional, impartial and courteous manner so as not to disrupt the provision of a continuous service. Advice on the disposal and transfer of records containing personal health information is provided in Ethics Guidance for Occupational Health Practice.

63. You must make sure you have adequate insurance or indemnity cover so that your patients will not be disadvantaged if they make a claim about the clinical care you have provided in the UK.

Occupational physicians must take out adequate insurance or professional indemnity cover for any parts of their practice not covered by an employer’s indemnity scheme.

64. If someone you have contact with in your professional role asks for your registered name and/or GMC reference number, you must give this information to them.