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last updated:05/11/2020 @ 1:05 pm
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Membership ad eundem

This is a category of FOM membership which allows FOM to encompass as full Members those specialist occupational physicians who are entered on the Specialist Register of the UK General Medical Council, by virtue of EU or overseas training and qualifications or via the CESR (Article 14) route.  In addition to this, applicants must also have passed the Part 2 MFOM (UK) examination.

Membership via the ad eundem route will entitle you to the same benefits as Membership via CCT.

Applications should be made by clicking here to complete the application form and paying the relevant fees when prompted. Successful applicants will be sent written confirmation and will be required to pay the admission fee and any relevant annual subscription in order to become a Member of FOM. They will be invited to receive their certificate at the next Annual General Meeting and to attend the Annual Dinner.

Click here for current application and membership admission fees.

As part of FOM’s commitment to support members in achieving accredited specialist status via the CESR route, current subscribing Associates and Affiliating Diplomates of FOM are exempt from the Ad Eundem application fee and are only required to pay the MFOM admission fee once their application for membership has been approved. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Examinations & Training Team.