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Categories of membership

Fellowship (FFOM) is the Faculty’s way of recognising those who have made a particularly significant contribution to the practice of occupational medicine, or contributed significantly to the work of the Faculty.  Fellows are elected by the Board of the Faculty. Read more…..

Membership (MFOM) is available to doctors who have satisfied the Faculty that they meet the criteria to be admitted as Members. Routes to Membership are:

Associate (AFOM) membership offers a professional pathway for doctors who work in occupational medicine but are not in an approved training post. Gaining the AFOM qualification demonstrates a core knowledge in occupational medicine theory and practice.  Read more…..

Trainee membership (Specialist/Specialty Registrar membership) is available only to those currently on/enrolled in a recognised specialty training programme. Trainees are automatically eligible for admission to trainee membership on enrolment with the Faculty.

Affiliating Diplomates are subscribers who have attained any of the Faculty’s diplomas, most commonly the Diploma in Occupational Medicine.  Although not able to vote at the Annual General Meeting, affiliating diplomates receive many of the benefits and services enjoyed by Members, Fellows and Associates.

Revalidating subscribers are doctors without a formal Faculty qualification, who spend the majority of their practice in occupational medicine, and wish to join the Faculty for the purpose of revalidation.  This will create a formal, prescribed connection, in accordance with the Responsible Officer (RO) Regulations 2010. Read more…..

Honorary Fellowship is the Faculty’s way of recognising those outwith the Faculty, and indeed often outwith medicine, who have made an outstanding contribution to the science or practice of occupational medicine.