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Trainee resources

Guidance and references

Curriculum: the latest curriculum for specialty trainees

Handbook: the Training Handbook covers the procedures, regulations and key contacts (e.g. Regional Specialty Advisors) for specialty training. The handbook is based on:

Gold Guide: the Gold Guide is the GMC’s latest guide to postgraduate specialty training and the ultimate reference for training regulations, including the structure of training and Out Of Programme scenarios.

Feedback and reflection: The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges provides guidance on gaining maximum value from feedback and reflection for trainees and trainers. This is not intended as a mandatory way of working but is a good resource to assist trainees in ensuring they get the best out of their relationship with their trainer.

Trainee eForum

This was established by FOM’s Trainee Reps as a space for trainees to discuss and share their questions and experiences in training. This is run independently from FOM. If you wish to be added to the eForum please email the Examinations & Training Team, who can forward your request to the current administrator of the trainee eForum.


As you progress through training, you are asked to submit several forms to FOM.

M1 StR registration – to be submitted at the start of your training

M2 Submission of outline protocol – (for trainees opting to submit a dissertation) outline of research project written for purpose

M3 Submission of research paper – (for trainees opting to submit one or more research papers: thesis/dissertation/substantial audit/body of published work

M4 Application for Membership – CCT and application for Membership of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine

Training and CPD record – template

Educational supervisor’s report – this form is for your Educational Supervisor to complete in preparation for the ARCP

ARCP Requirements 

COVID-19 update for ARCPs

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak the documents below are in use for forthcoming ARCPs.

Management of Annual Review of Competency Progress (ARCP) – Interim arrangements for 2022

Educational statement