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Specialty Training Handbook in Occupational Medicine – 2022 curriculum

The Specialty Training Handbook (2022 curriculum version) summarises information in the Gold Guide, as well as special arrangements in relation to doctors who are following the 2022 Curriculum to undertake training in occupational medicine. For a more detailed account of some of the rules (e.g. those relating to the formal conduct of annual appraisals by Deaneries and mechanisms for appeal), please refer to the Gold Guide.

Doctors considering specialty training in occupational medicine should refer to the OMST 2022 Curriculum Flexibility report for details of the options available.

A chart showing the pathways to registration as a specialist in occupational medicine is shown below.

Please use the links below to view or download parts of the handbook.

Section 1


Faculty Training Committee (SAC); Terms of Reference and membership
Section 2



How to apply for a Training Post

This web page contains the following documents:

  • OMST 2022 Who Does What
  • OMST 2022 Recruitment Process
  • OMST 2022 Application Guidance
  • OMST 2022 Self-Assessment Guidance
  • OMST 2022 Induction
  • OMST 2022 Curriculum Flexibility
Section 3 Guidance on how to successfully complete the OMST 2022 Curriculum

Regulations for the award of Membership

Section 4




Training and CPD record

ePortfolio Guidance

CPD Guidance

Management of ARCP – Interim arrangements for 2022

Case Based Discussion (CBD) Guidance for the OMST 2022 Curriculum

Section 5


Approval of training programme and posts
Section 6 List of Regional Specialty Advisers


In addition, trainees are advised to refer to all the guidance documents produced in relation to the OMST 2022 curriculum.